Nurturing Networks, Nourishing Growth

Blending AI’s predictive power with authentic human connection, we nurture budding networks into full-grown communities united by trust. As an AI-powered social ecosystem, The Harvester Group harnesses data and machine learning to foster meaningful relationships between consumers and businesses. Our technology analyzes user behaviors and interests to enable targeted, resonant connections, while our human touch ensures exchanges remain personal and genuine.


Harnessing AI technology to foster meaningful connections


Website ad creation and maintenance services

Social Media

Connecting you and your brand to consumers


Monthly analytics to see what works and what to do next

We nuture digital transformations for cannabis, kratom and psilocybin brands

The Harvester Group uses AI assisted technologies and communities with targeted advertising to cultivate meaningful connections between businesses and individuals, enabling collective growth.

Web Design
Content Marketing/Editorial
Digital Marketing

How we Innovate Transform Succeed

By leveraging AI in the service of human connection, we provide the tools to bridge divides. This empowers mutual understanding between all parties, driving collective innovation, advocacy, and advancement of the industries we serve.

We create together, measure always, and revise often, ensuring your ads get in front of the right consumers

We Help You Expand
Your Brand Influence


Reach your perfect customers in a secure, like-minded community and forge lasting bonds where your brand can thrive with The DWY’s AI-powered platform.

"As the cannabis industry continues to grow, the need for targeted, specialized advertising platforms has never been greater. The DWY represents the future - leveraging AI and human moderation to provide a secure space for cannabis businesses and consumers to connect. Their innovative model fosters trust and understanding on all sides. As marketers, we're thrilled to engage such a niche, passionate audience and be part of pioneering the next generation of cannabis advertising with The DWY."
LLM/CHATBOT, Core Creative